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  • 4th International Symposium on Sediment Management (I2SM)

4th International Symposium on Sediment Management (I2SM)


17/09/2014 – 4th International Symposium on Sediment Management (I2SM)

Italy – 17-19 september 2014

Date limite des soumissions de résumés repoussée au 15 janvier

Deadline for submission of abstracts is scheduled for November 30, 2013. We hope you can
participate in this Symposium by submitting a paper before April 30, 2014,
reflecting your current research in any of the following areas:

  •  Emerging pollutants in sediments
  •  Characterization and monitoring
  •  Sediment and contaminant fate and transport
  •  Ecological impact assessment and Risk
  •  Sediment management and Decision-analysis tools
  •  Natural attenuation, capping and storage of sediments
  •  Dredging operation
  •  Mechanical treatments, dehydration, etc.
  •  Remediation of contaminated sediments
  •  Beneficial reuse of sediments (civil engineering, environmental restoration, products manufacturing,etc.)
  •  Policy and sediment quality guidelines.

Submission and Symposium information : site

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us

Chairman of Symposium

Nor-Edine Abriak
Ing, Doctor, professor
00 33 327712410
President of the local organizing
committee (France):
Mahfoud Benzerzour
Ing, Doctor, Associate professor
00 33 327712419


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